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If you are planning a trip to India or within India, Kolkata is a city you should definitely keep on your checklist. It is definitely a city that will change your heart and the way you think. It’s not the city of glamour or glitz. But it has its soul. Through the iconic Howrah bridge, the football matches, the friendly tea discussions, and the overall art and culture here, you will be charmed like no other. Very much resembling a mysterious lady who beckons you to partake in her secrets, you will be lost in Kolkata before you know it! So are you intrigued yet?

Here is the list of 35 amazing places you should visit at least while you are in Kolkata.

1. Victoria Memorial

It is a delightful White Marble structure which started in its construction in 1906 and was finished by 1921. While it initially got recognized with devoting a remembrance to Queen Victoria of Britain, it has now transformed into a historical center that draws in various individuals because of its dazzling design and show. The angel on top of the architecture beckons all tourists to check this slice of history out.

2. Howrah Bridge

How can you visit Kolkata and not visit the iconic Howrah bridge? It was developed in 1943 supplanting the Pontoon Bridge and is made of steel. Because of the gigantic fame that the scaffold has, vacationers from distant locations abroad travel to Kolkata just to visit the astounding extension.  It is definitely one of its kind and is the one true landmark every mode of entertainment uses when it wants to portray Kolkata.

3. Botanical Garden

Want to enjoy  a walk in the midst of nature with the help of science? Want to see astounding amrvels like the biggest Banyan tree? Recently known as the Calcutta Botanical Garden, the nursery was set up in 1786. It is spread more than 270 sections of land of land. The current name of the nursery is Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Indian Botanical Garden.

4. Prinsep Ghat

You visit the Howrah Bridge but not the beautiful ghat beneath it? Impossible!  Princep Ghat is one of the most beautiful and romantic locations beyond the Howrah Bridge. Whether you come here for the long walks for the delicious snacks or for quiet contemplative silence, this place will inspire you like no other. Also you can get a romantic boat ride down here watching the banks and the bridge in tow.

5. Eco Park

Do you want a new location for relaxation? At the point when you’re searching for your relaxation day out; the New Town Eco Park spread more than 480 sections of land is probably the best spot to visit in Kolkata. It is a recreational zone with sufficient open air exercises to appreciate with the family. Whatever exercises include: Ice Skating or multi-cycling. Whatever tikles your fancy, you will get it here! The recreation center highlights a gigantic ice-skate field, and everybody can take an interest in the equivalent.

6. Fort William

Fort William is named after King Williams and is one of the most famous spots to visit in Kolkata. The site was worked in 1696, where the developers utilized blocks and mortar to put this on the map stronghold. Strangely, the port has a sum of 6 entryways, to be specific; WaterGate, Saint Georges, Treasury Gate, Plassey, and Chowringhee.

7. Jorasanko Thakurbari

It would be rather incomplete if you cant visit the house of Asia’s first nobel laureate! As the name recommends the Tagore’s home is situated in Jorasanko in North Kolkata. History has it that the house was the place the well known Indian  poet and writer, Rabindranath Tagore, was conceived. Furthermore, the spot was the safe house for Mr. Tagore until his sad death in 1941. There’s no better historical center to become familiar with the long history of the Tagore family than the house they lived in. 

8. Mother Teresa House

Another nobel laureate who made her life’s work to serve the poor, Mother Teresa House will inpire you with higher feelings. The spot was the home of India’s most notable individual, Mother Teresa. Due to the incredible puppet she was, her home currently has definitely gotten one of the most looked for spots to visit in Kolkata. The structure can be handily distinguished due to its dim shading, just as earthy colored windows.

9. Marble Palace

Marble Palace is an amazingly eminent maisonette situated in Kolkata, along the Babu road, India. As one can properly figure, the castle is among the couple of residual structures of the nineteenth century. Worked in neoclassical style, the chateau keeps on being the habitation of the beneficiaries of the King. It belonged to the rich traders  who were in good connection with the British, The opulence will dazzle you. To give you a grand foundation of the house, it is encircled by rich green yards and lovely wellsprings. Exhibitions run in the midst of the gardens of the house which show aesthetic sculptures, representations, mirrors, crystal fixtures and artworks made by English, Dutch and Italian craftsmen. It might intrigue you to realize that the chateau additionally houses a private zoo.

10. Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Feeling like you need a  little faith and devotion? Visit Dakshineswar sanctuary situated in West Bengal, India is a typical for celebrations, for example, Yatra, Snana, Kalpataru Day, and Kali Puja. Moreover, the sanctuary was begun by Rani Rashmoni in the nineteenth century. The sanctuary accepts the Bengal design, a sum of three stories. Irrespective of caste, it is  a holy place dedicated to treat everyone who seeks the Divine goddess’ blessings equally.

11. Alipore Zoological Gardens

Want to have a pinic day with animals and frolic? Visit Alipore Zoo. Alipore Zoological Gardens is situated in Alipore Kolkata, West Bengal. The nurseries involve an aggregate of more than 46 sections of land and houses near 1266 creatures. This zoological nursery is among the most seasoned zoological parks in India today.

12. St. Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is an enormous Anglican Cathedral. It might intrigue you to realize that the Cathedral is the mother of the bigger Diocese of Kolkata. The congregation was blessed in 1697, more than three centuries back.

The Indo-Gothic type of engineering is one of the main things that one notification, in the house of prayer.

13. Elliot Park

Elliot Park is a tremendous park that possesses an absolute territory of almost 90,000 square feet. It might intrigue you to realize that Tata Steel built the recreation center. The recreation center comprises of a few walk-throughs, cafés, galleries just as outlets. Additionally, the recreation center is effectively available as it is situated at the focal point of the city.

14. Rabindra Sarobar

It is one of the most appealing and quiet places in the city making it a typical spot for individuals to go for strolls or ponder. Moreover, it is likewise a decent canvas for individuals intrigued by naturalistic photography.

15. South Park Cemetery

Opened in 1767, it contains a blend of burial places, cenotaphs and tombs secured by a block divider. The burial ground contains some of the graves having a place with acclaimed military and political figures like Sir William Jones, Sir Elijah Impey, Walter Landor Dickens (Son of Charles Dickens), and the sky is the limit from there. Green greeneries and plants spread the vast majority of the burial ground and give a creepy setting to the spot.

16. Birla Planetarium

Birla Planetarium is India’s greatest planetarium that includes the biggest projection of the night sky in the arch theater. The structure has one story and has a plan that concurs with the Buddhist Stupa. It was built in 1963 and now fills in as a gallery. Initiation of the planetarium was finished by the then Prime Minister of India, Sri Jawaharlal Nehru. Birla Planetarium is among the biggest planetariums in the mainland of Asia.

17. Eden Gardens

The Eden Gardens is claimed by the Cricket Association of Bengal and has a limit of 66000. It is intriguing to realize that the nurseries facilitated the World cup in 1987 after it got redesigned to grow its ability from 40,000 to 94,000. It might stun you to discover that the arena is currently more than 150 years of age.

18. Nakhoda Masjid

The Nakhoda mosque has an all out limit of 10,000, and was worked at an absolute expense of Rs. 1,500,000 to be fabricated. Kuchhi Memon Jamat is the engineer of this heavenly mosque. It might intrigue you to realize that the mosque has a complete height of 151 feet. Also, there are 25 littler minarets extending from 100 feet to 117 feet in stature.

19. Indian Museum

Indian Museum is among the most established exhibition halls on the planet. It was built up in 1814, by the Asiatic Society of Bengal in Kolkata. The historical center has a lot of decorations, fossils, trimmings, reinforces just as mummies. Likewise, the exceptional structure has an aggregate of four exhibitions that are committed to regular history as well as zoological data. In the event that you’re looking for profound verifiable data, at that point this is among the best places to visit in Kolkata.

20. Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple

Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple is usually known as Kolkata’s Japanese Buddhist Temple. This Buddhist sanctuary is a home to the acclaimed priest, Bhikshu Morita. He is known to be a section in halting the 1992 collective uproars by reciting ‘Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo’, as a mantra for harmony.

21. Belur Math

Belur Math is a famous sanctuary with an eminent structure that displays various religions, for example, Christianity, Hindu, Buddhism, just as Islam. The various shows represents solidarity as far as religion. Belur Math fills in as the operational hub of the Ramakrishna development. The one of a kind element is that the spot seems as though a mosque, just as a sanctuary, and furthermore a congregation, simultaneously.

22. Tipu Sultan Mosque

Tipu Sultan Mosque is among the most established superb mosques everything being equal. Development of this extensive mosque finished in 1842, and the spot of love has an amazing limit of 1000. Sovereign Ghulam Mohammed is the man behind the stunning structure of the Tipu Sultan mosque.

23. Nehru’s Children’s Museum

As the name proposes, the Nehru’s Children’s Museum is a unique spot that is completely devoted to adolescents. The exhibition hall was set up in 1972 and has various antiquated expressions and specialty gear for the children. Furthermore, the spot gives kids a chance to have a ton of fun by taking an interest in challenges.

24. Science City

Science City is one of the most favored science habitats in the city. The science park is under the administration of the National Council of Science Museums with its headquarter situated in Kolkata itself. The spot holds various sorts of displays dependent on different science points. From the aquarium to the different time zones of history, it has all 

25. Birla Industrial and Technological Museum

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum is an administration claimed exhibition hall, built in 1954. The historical center is science-based and has more than 100 staff working there.It falls under the service of culture.

26. Millenium Park

Millenium Park is a famous exclusive park situated in Kolkata along Strand Road. This stunning park outskirts the celebrated Hooghly stream. You’ll be excited to discover that the recreation center reaches out to up to 2.5 kilometers. Obscure to many, the Millennium Park gets named after the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority.

27. Sabarna Sangrahashala

The Sabarna Sangrahashala was built in the memory of the most seasoned zamindars who dwelled in Kolkata, known as the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family. The exhibition hall was begun in 2015 to bring issues to light of the substance of appropriate safeguarding of wellsprings of verifiable data.

28. Kumartuli

Want to see beautiful craft of idols being painted and created right before your eyes. Kumartuli is one such amazing place. Here you will find tourists and artisans in tandem. The city’s biggest festival of Durga Puja always gets its idols from here.

29. General Post Office

General Post Office is the principle post office in West Bengal. The mail station’s development commenced in 1864 and finished in 1868. It might intrigue you to realize that Mr. Walter B. Grenville was the planner of the mail station. The most obvious element of this mail station is the domed rooftop, which goes up to 220 feet.

30. Aquatica

Aquatica is a famous hotel that sits upon an absolute zone of 75000 square feet. The water park includes a few recreational offices, for example, slides and themed rides. You’ll be glad to realize that the water resort additionally includes numerous sumptuous rooms to oblige both single explorers just as huge families.

31. Wet O Wild

Wet O Wild is a typical amusement joint with extraordinary recreational offices. A portion of the pleasant exercises incorporate wave pooling, viewing the Niagara falls, twirl riding, body sliding just as sluggish stream ride. You’ll likewise see a colossal cylinder like structure that prompts a counterfeit pool of water.

32. Writers Building

Essayists’ Building is a celebrated structure of West Bengal’s administration. The structure has a complete length of 150 meters and stretches the whole piece of the Lal Dighi lake. It might intrigue you to realize that Thomas Lyon was the designer of this magnificent creation.

33. Chinatown

Want to have authentic Indian Chinese as the mox of two beautiful cultures come from the time of Chinese refugees who made their home here. Join for an early morning breakfast and a Kali mandir where the prasad is literally noodles!

34. Park street

Want to go to the most hip and happening place in the city? Go to Park street. Lavish restaurants, beautiful places, great artists, amazing shops everything you need in one place.

35. Gariahat

You cannot plan Kolkata without visiting it’s most iconic street shopping destination. Here you can find everything and anything with a great bargain!

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We all love travelling! But there Is a select few of us who love the call for adventure. The dangerous trails are what beckon us, the amazing pitfalls that we must avoid to get some where increase our adrenaline and our interest. If you are that kind of person, and you have been longing to get back on the wagon as soon as the pandemic is over, this article is the one you have been looking for. So get your gear ready, your bags packed and your engine ready, because we will definitely go on an adventure of a lifetime!

List of 10 most dangerous roads in India

1. Pangi via Kishtwar Road

On the off chance that somebody discusses the passing street of India, don’t reconsider, it is certainly this one. Calling it perhaps the most unnerving street In India would be a bad form, it is doubtlessly the most perilous street on the planet. The street is confined up firmly that it is outlandish for more than each vehicle to go through it in turn. Stretching out from Jammu and Kashmir to the Himachal, this way is loaded up with rocks and soil. The celebrated Pangi Valley can be drawn closer by means of this street. At the point when you go past this street, you will perceive how the different sides of the street are not quite the same as one another and will without a doubt give you goose pimples.

Any off-base move and you may fall into the waterway Chandrabhaga which is around 1000ft beneath from where you’ll be falling. Presently you know why I said you will reexamine your choice of needing an undertaking. This path is most likely not for the cowardly.

On the off chance that you have vertigo, quite recently flee as going for this excursion will be a terrible choice. In the event that you are an adrenaline junkie as am I, at that point investigating the edges would be somewhat less upsetting. Well you will ask me for what good reason it very well may be upsetting. Envision remaining on a street and in the event that you look on the sides you can simply observe an extreme vertical drop which may resemble many meters down. Precisely! It can numb you, particularly when there are no gatekeeper rails and just stones and rock out and about. In the event that you are bad with driving, at that point don’t endeavor to come this, as you will most likely fall into the demise trap. The street runs along the waterway, Chenab and is a division of the NH26.

Arriving at the beginning stage of this street in Himachal Pradesh is no biggie. The street is the key highlight arrive at the base camp to a renowned mountain, the Kishtwar Kailash. For arriving at the street one needs to originate from the West and take the route over the Rohtang Pass in Manali to the Valley of Chenab lastly succeeding the Darang Valley, one can arrive at the base camp. The path up can be a downright terrible encounter on the off chance that you have breathing issues, as shortage of oxygen is included this path. The last piece of the street till the climb is extremely alarming, it may appear that I am overstating, yet being ventured to every part of the street I realize how savage things can get.

In the event that you need to test yourself, your feelings of trepidation, your quality, simply go for this spine chiller trail. There can be no greater trial of your abilities and your feelings than this one. In the event that you guarantee yourself to be a stunning driver, come and test yourself in that classification as well. The beginning stage of this street is itself 8,280 ft above ocean level and it starts from Killar, which is situated in Lahaul and the spiti region in Himachal Pradesh and the street finishes in Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir which is a town, around 5,374 ft over the ocean level Gata circles

2. Gata Loops

You definitely know what you are into by taking a gander at the image, right? The outrageous clip twists will without a doubt get you mixed up, regardless of whether you don’t have mountain disorder. What makes it creepy is that the vertiginous street with 21 circles is said to have been spooky by a phantom.

An extremely strange fascination existing on the Leh-Manali Highway is Gata Loops as the narratives identified with it are dreadful and now and again alarming. Gata Loops is a progression of 21 fastener twists that prompts the head of one of the most elevated motorable goes in Ladakh area that is Nakee La. Gata Loops is situated at a height of 17000 feet over the ocean level and subsequently endowments such a large number of awesome sights of the snow-laid tops in the back ground and fervor filled excursion till the top most bit.

The legend identified with Gata Loops says that a phantom is available in the street and it will upset the travelers so everybody should pay tribute to the apparition staying in a little hovel on the pass by giving mineral water and cigarettes. In demonstrate hatred for the way that the phantom is available or not, individuals have showered contributions to the strange apparition. In any case, Gata Loops is a misleading course to survive and during winter, the streets will be hindered as the unremitting ice sheets are everywhere. The clasp twists are sharp and it is impossibly testing to enter the following circle from the other however dropping the circles is all the more exciting. Kolli Hill Road

3. Kolli slope street

Notorious for 70 ceaseless fastener twists, the Kolli Hill Road isn’t for the cowardly. Thus, Kolli Hill is additionally called as the ‘Heap of Death’. Situated in Tamil Nadu, the spot is popular for Agaya Gangai cascades and a Shiva sanctuary. Kolli Hills (Road MDR181) is a perilous mountain street with a length of 46.7 km situated in Kolli Hills or Kolli Malai, a little mountain extend situated in focal Tamil Nadu in Namakkal locale on the east bank of South India. The street highlights 70 nonstop clasp twists.

The street begins from Kalappanaickenpatti. 70 nonstop clasp twists take you to Kolli Malai or ‘the mountains of death’. Riding through these clip twists is an elating encounter. Up to around the 25th barrette twist, the street is incredible. After that the street is very awful – pot openings and patches. A portion of the barrette twists are exceptionally tight and don’t have space for two vehicles to proceed. The perspectives on the fields underneath are lovely and the thick green tropical timberlands encompassing the fastener twists adds to the appeal. The street is a ghat street: the name of the entrance courses into the uneven Western and Eastern Ghats mountain scopes of the Indian Subcontinent. These streets are astounding accomplishments of building and most go back to British occasions. Ghat streets were worked to interface with the well known Hill Stations of the Indian Subcontinent.

3-level crisscross street in Sikkim

This is a three-level crisscross street that turns over the precipitous landscape uncovering amazing perspectives on the valley. Unique safety measure should be taken while you are going here as it contacts a height of 11,200 feet.

4. National Highway 22

This is without a doubt the most alarming street in India ever! It has included on History Channel’s ‘IRT Deadliest Roads’ arrangement. It is otherwise called the Hindustan-Tibet Road, which begins at Ambala and experiences Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The street ranges over 459kms.

5. Zoji La Pass

Arranged on National Highway 1, this pass falls in transit to Srinagar from Leh. The street is tight and brimming with grime that gets foul during blustery season. The street is situated at a tallness of 11,575 feet and you will see a great deal of assorted variety in the landscape as you navigate this high pass.

6. Sangla Road

The precipice hanging drive and restricted streets on the Sangla Road will positively give you goosebumps. One wrong move and you will tumble down in the void. The streets are positively shut down during winters, yet in any event, when they are open, they are as near death as they can be.

7. Kishtwar Road

This street is unquestionably not for the cowardly. An alarming rugged path is uncovered on one side by an incredible crevasse. On the off chance that you tumble down, you and your vehicle will be pounded to pieces.

8. Bum La Pass

Situated at 16,500 feet in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh, this high mountain pass is one of the most deadliest streets in India. At such a stature, you make certain to encounter diminishing of air and absence of oxygen. Add to that, the awful state of the street, sharp barrette turns and bottleneck streets. This street is profoundly influenced by snowstorms also.

9. Rohtang Pass

Rohtang in itself signifies ‘ground of bodies’, which recommends the threat related alongside it. Situated in the Pir Panjal run, Rohtang Pass is a serious well known place of interest among Indians. Despite the fact that it is consistently utilized during the traveler season, it is helpless against avalanches and extraordinary climatic conditions.

10. Leh-Manali

This is no common street; it is an earth rock street that goes through the wonderful valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. A 479-km crazy stretch, the street is grand yet testing. Care must be taken while driving as the street is inclined to a great deal of avalanches. Due to Leh-Ladakh’s notoriety, the street is regularly clogged. The street is just open in summer as it endures serious blockage during winters.

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When it comes to love, no other country can offer a magical experience that is equivalent to India. Whether it be the royal palaces and the old world charm of cities along with glitzy skyscrapers and natural splendours, we have it all.  Marriages are made in heaven, but the honeymoons are definitely on earth. You want a quiet monastery in the hills or a spiritual honeymoon or a fun one on the beach, you can get all the options right here in this country. Let the romance glow and this beautiful country shower you with an unforgettable experience.  So just grab your beloved partner and start checking through our list to see which place will definitely suit you guys.

List 20 Best Honeymoon in India

1. Shimla

What about finishing the image of your optimal special first night goal by including Mall street, the edge and a toy train? Celebrated as one of the famous slope stations in India, Shimla is the correct spot for recently wedded couples to appreciate a fanciful occasion. Radiating an old world appeal, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is clearly a standout amongst other vacation places in India. The closest railroad station to Shimla is Kalka though Chandigarh and Delhi air terminal fills in as the nearest air terminal. Let the charm of this old school hill station be the ideal setting for your blooming romance as a newly married couple.

2. Manali

Hailed as honeymooners’ heaven, Manali positions on top on the rundown of most sentimental spots in India. Wonder about the astonishing vistas, inhale fresh mountain air or enjoy exercises of your advantage. The well known slope town makes certain to change your sentimental get-away into an essential issue. Inferable from offering bunches of experience exercises, the spot bids to the individuals who would prefer not to bind their vacation just to the solaces of the room. One can without much of a stretch reach Manali via air by deboarding at the Bhuntar (Kullu) air terminal and via train by means of Jogindernagar Railway Station. If your love for the hills is only second to the love you feel for your special partner, then this is definitely the place to be. Have a memorable honeymoon in this gorgeous paradise.

3. Dalhousie

Figured as one of the most wonderful spots in India for a special first night, Dalhousie can make your sentimental venture everlasting. Intriguing you with the rapture and the persona instilled noticeable all around, the slope town urges you to remain here longer than anticipated. The pine-clad valley fixes the state of mind for both of you to get to know one another. Effectively open from the Pathankot Railway Station or Gaggal Airport, the spot is perfect for only both of you. No big surprise, the ‘Little Switzerland of India’ merits visiting. You could go for a romantic Trek as far as possible up to captivating Daikund Peak to enjoy with each other.

4. Auli

For those who love travelling and want to combine their passion and romance with the desire fir wanderlust this is definitely the place to be. A heaven for skiing sweethearts, Auli stays high on greatness and never comes up short on it! Offering a quintessential distant, the spot is ideal for loving a perfect Indian wedding trip. On the off chance that by chance you also have a dependable desire to spend your special first night in the lap of the snow-secured mountains, at that point Auli has got you right. Sentimental refuges, pleasant lakes and shocking perspectives make it merry stunning. The  Airport is the closest air terminal while Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Auli.

5. Nainital

Almost every honeymooner must have thought of Nainital when planning their perfect getaway. Mainital is one magical place and it will ensure that you both have the best and most vibrant memories possible. The sort of comfort that overpowers the heart lies some place in Nainital. With lakes, slopes and entrancing scenes overflowing sentiment in each piece, you can without a doubt envision the best wedding trip of your life here. Therefore, the slope town is considered as the best special night goals in India. Entertain yourself into sitting idle, simply kicking back and looking at the stars while holding each other’s hand. Despite the fact that, the slope town doesn’t have its very own air terminal, yet you can travel to Nainital by deboarding at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Additionally, the Kathgodham Railway Station is situated around 34 km away.

6. Mussoorie

Do you wish to be lost in old world charm of the misty hills and gorgeous romances of a favourite destination town- then Mussoorie is indeed the place to be. A considerable lot of the special first night couples discover Mussoorie ideal for their hopeful break. Parading a spouting cascade, quiet environs and striking link vehicle rides, the spot moves you to go through a life-changing special night with your significant other. Otherwise called the ‘Sovereign of the Hills’, the flawless slope town appropriately positions among the astonishing special first night goals in India. Libraries, houses of worship, summer places make the spot look in any event, staggering. The Dehradun valley in nearness merits investigating while you visit here on your wedding trip. The closest railroad station and air terminal are in Dehradun which is settled 54 km away.

7. Darjeeling

Want some excitement and adventure along with some romance on your honeymoon. Want the ancient British charm filled with Anglo Indian design ? Then Darjeeling is the Queen of the hills you have been waiting for. Grab your partner and escape the humdrum of life with this gorgeous honeymoon destination. When it is the much-anticipated stage, why not remain on the wedding trip for life in Darjeeling? Cuddled up in the midst of the quiet environs, the magnetic slope town brags of an otherworldly atmosphere. Take your significant other to this one of the best 10 vacation goals in India to design a sentimental date that watches straight out of a fantasy. Other than showering your adoration, shock your life partner by introducing a fine assortment of orchids and rhododendrons. The closest air terminal to Darjeeling is Bagdogra and New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is settled in closeness.

8. Andaman

Welcoming and enchanting, Andaman is interchangeable with sentiment to numerous honeymooners and love-struck voyagers. Offering a fortune trove of astonishments, the goals flabbergasts you with endless encounters, No big surprise, the excellent archipelago is one of the most looked for after spots to visit in India for special first night. What about astonishing your loved one with a submerged proposition? In the event that the thought energizes you, scuba making a plunge Andaman is for you. You will adore returning to this spot on numerous occasions. Andaman has its own air terminal at the Port Blair. Likewise, ships sail from Vizag, Chennai and Kolkata day by day.

9. Gangtok

Pride of North East India, Gangtok naturally stays on the pail rundown of love birds looking for spots to go for special night in India. Oozing unparalleled excellence, the capital city of Sikkim has parts to offer. Make your special night in Gangtok an ageless encounter by getting yourself the absolute best sights. Actually, the quiet vibes winning at the captivating religious communities will unquestionably take all the exhaustion of your wedding endlessly. New Jalpaiguri is the closest railroad station and the individuals who need to travel to Gangtok can land from a trip at Bagdogra Airport.

10. Goa

Regardless of whether you need to go down west for this  free spiritedsea shore,  the casual air compensates for all the exertion. Prevalently known as the ‘Visitor Paradise’, this little state realizes how to win hearts with its sea shores, hallowed places, backwater, and nightlife. Which likewise makes it extraordinary compared to other special first night spots in India. The flavorful food, endearing dusk and dawn, and socially rich capital Panaji are some different reasons why you will adore investing energy here with your loving partner.  Further, the state offers availability through Goa International Airport, Madgaon Railway Station and Vasco-da-Gama Railway Station.

11. Udaipur

Explorers don’t typically get enough of Rajasthan, or for that reality, any jewel decorated on this illustrious state’s crown. Discussing which, on the off chance that you are would like to have a beautiful honeymoon in India feeling like royalty, this is the place to be.

12. Srinagar

Kashmir, the ‘paradise on earth’ is most likely perhaps the best spot for special first night in India. Srinagar, without question, must be one of the most sentimental and excellent special first night goals in India. The magnificence of Srinagar is completely immortal. Lying back on a Shikara with your significant other on the Dal Lake appears to be a scene directly out of a 70’s great film.

13. Agra

What better approach to deify your adoration for one another than by respecting the encapsulation of endless love, Taj Mahal? Add to that the Mughal magnificence and make proper acquaintance with a ‘shahi’ special night. It is certainly one of the most sentimental excursions in India from Delhi and the urban communities of Uttar Pradesh. What better approach to appreciate the special first night than sitting seeing the most luxurious badge of adoration very close!

14. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is the best spot for special first night in India to get the vibe of Arabian evenings. In the core of the incomparable Thar Desert, a vacation at Jaisalmer is nevertheless a healthy issue! The best of wedding trip puts, the energetic culture and convention of the ‘Brilliant City’ is equipped for warming a chilly heart. Jaisalmer happens to be one of the special vacation goals in India with the deserts that are spread the extent that the eye can see, the vivid clothing types, and local people as modest as a sheep!

15. Sikkim

Experience the stunning dawn into the great beyond of Khangchendzonga while cuddling with your better half. It is one of the most sentimental escapes in India for special night from the conditions of Northeast. You can’t pass up Sikkim when posting all the sentimental spots. The harmony and quiet that surrounds the climate of this goal are actually what makes it one of the one of a kind special night goals in India.

16. Alleppey

Melt away into the watery universe of Alleppey dabbed in towns, drink shops, kayaks, and several houseboats. One of the must-go-to places in Kerala with your perfect partner, it is among the best wedding trip puts that offers a charming sentimental encounter. This Venice of the East is the best vacation goal in India for to observe the genuine excellence of backwaters.

17. Kovalam

You will recollect the time spent on the bow sea shores of Kovalam, outstanding amongst other sentimental spots, long after your special first night has finished. The surprising wonder of this little town in Kerala is preferred experienced over told.

18. Munnar

Munnar, the pleasant slope station in Kerala, is one of the most outlandish wedding trip places in India. Immersed in ’50 shades of Green’, Munnar is covered in verdant tea estates, formed, cut and etched like decorative supports. Let the spellbinding landscape reclassify your adoration for you. It is certainly extraordinary compared to other experience special first night goals in India that is similarly reviving.

19. Kanyakumari

The tip of India indeed, where temples and churches galore and spirituality exists amidst beauty. Kanyakumari is the best honeymoon destination for those couples who want peace and vitality at the same time.

20. Delhi

If you want a slice of history in your honeymoon, Delhi is indeed the best place to be. With its forts, museums and hardcore party places, this city is a mix of ancient and modern feelings.

21. Kolkata

Are you both intellectuals and book lovers? Do you want old world British charm with the beauty of a sleepy but vibrant city. Kolkata is the place to be for those honeymooners who want to relax and romance in peace.

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Top 50 travel destinations in India one must experience:

Often in our life, we feel saturated with the daily pattern of the same routine that we are bound to follow, the one that comes with numerous and onerous responsibilities. With the current scenario of a rife crisis, we are stuck at home performing all the necessary tasks at hand with little to no interaction with the natural world that resides two steps away. It has indeed introduced a great deal of inertness and emptiness in our lives, barring us from expressing our true social nature. In this article, we shall be discussing about some of the wonders of India that you can travel to for a rich experience.

1. Ladakh

The majestic view of the deep blue sky, with picturesque valleys and the snow-capped mountains is undeniably one of the best locations in India that presents with a natural serenity. The places of attraction include Pangong Lake, Hemis Monastery and Nubra Valley.

2. Varanasi

Spirituality resembles the ambience of this ancient city. The most notable of this city is the ‘Ganga Arti’, a luminous ceremony of river Ganges which sees hundreds of floating lamps on the river and rituals witnessed by a huge crowd on Dashashwamedh Ghat.  

3. Kashmir:

Well known for its natural beauty, this heaven on earth truly deserves its moniker. Try the pristine rivers and breath- taking mountains staring down at you with all its wonder. 

4. Rajasthan: Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer 

If you are in Rajasthan, you have to visit these three cities. Starting from the magnificent palaces to the gorgeous sand dunes and its trademark entertainment, Rajasthan will transport you into a fairy land where you are the ruler! 

5. Rann of Kutch

Have you ever wanted to have a rustic village experience? Want to watch the moon standing on white sand enveloped in natural grandeur of nature. Then you definitely must travel here!  

6. Amritsar

Be it the Golden Temple, the famous hospitality and the general beauty of this city, Amritsar will give you endless reasons to visit and soak in the charm of this place. 

7. Delhi

If history is something that intrigues you , then this is indeed the place to be.  With forts and palaces and modern skyscrapers all together, Delhi is nothing but a delight! 

8. Agra

Its unprecedented Mughal grandeur is enough to bring tourists running to this gorgeous one of a kind place. 

9. Aurangabad

The mesmerizing ‘Ajanta & Ellora’ caves with its centuries old carvings and architecture will simply astound you here. 

10.  Meghalaya

India is incomplete without its seven sisters. Come here and visit the man-made artistic splendours here that make this a gorgeous place! 

11.  Sikkim

Its breathtaking natural vistas and monasteries are all the reasons you need to visit this state. 

12. West Bengal

Welcome to Darjeeling, Kolkata and Sunderbans – the trifecta of the mountain, the plains and the sea. What more could you need?

13. Mysore

Want to feel like a Nawab? This city will fulfill your dreams. From amazing gastronomic experiences to opulent palaces this has everything you need. 

14. Kerala

Spirituality and nature together made Kerala the beauty that she is. With its backwaters and temples and so much more to offer , Kerala makes you experience the deeper things in life. 

15. Andaman & Nicobar

Do not underestimate these little islands. Well known for its pristine beauty and array of water sports as well as the grim history of the cellular jail, this is another must visit. 

16. Chadar – The Frozen River Trek

How frequently does one brag about strolling on a solidified waterway in a fanciful goal? Stepped as one of the most exciting encounters in Ladakh for an experience fan, the Chadar trek course associates towns in the Zanskar valley somewhere down in the mountains with Chilling and the solidified Zanskar River.

17. Manali-Leh Road Trip

The ‘World renowned hub’ of all travels in India, the Manali-Leh Highway has consistently been a top pick. Be it for the gatherings or solo voyagers, this course surpasses some other exploring trips in India. All – you have to do: get prepared for some experience, hit the street and arrive here!

18. Markha Valley Trek

At the point when we want to split away from the day by day life, the main thing that rings a bell is going out on a trek. So while you are visiting Ladakh then this is one the most preferred trek which you should go for!

19. Rishikesh

If you want to feel the warmth of religion coupled with the harsh but beautiful terrain of the mountains, here is the place to be.

20. Manali

I realize this is the spot you have been unquestionably looking for. All things considered, here it is, with the snow-topped mountains, falling cascades and the tranquil valleys Manali is outstanding amongst other traveler places in India. Whether it be the buddy road trips you have been looking for or a solo long trip, this is the place to be!

21. Jim Corbett Wildlife Safari

Tired of concrete jungles? Here is the perfect solution for you! Presently, is an ideal opportunity to experience the wild with your closest companion. To associate along with nature and its hypnotizing manifestations and reinforce the bond you share, visit the Jim Corbett National Park.

22. Har Ki Doon Trek

Who doesn’t cherish the mountains? Also, when we talk about mountains the main thing that strikes our psyche is trekking.

23. Pushkar

Viewed as one of the most established city in India which comprise of intriguing extras of a past time, Pushkar is an absolute necessity visit for you.

24. Dharamshala

. Well this is unquestionably the best spot for you. At the head of the Kangra lies an astonishing spot Dharamshala. Its spirituality, hospitality and raw beauty will astonish you.

25. Spiti Valley

Prevalently known as the ‘Little Tibet’ , the Spiti valley is situated in the middle of Tibet and India. This characterizes its name ‘Spiti’, which implies the ‘Center Land’.

26. Auli

The greater part of you who have been contemplating visiting the Garhwal Mountains this is the ideal possibility for you. Simply head out for an excursion to the mesmeric Auli.

27. Kuari Pass Trek

Want to enjoy a trek to the highest of mountains and the most adventurous of them of all, where British explorers used to go to prove their valour? This is the place to be!

28. Nainital

This is a standout amongst other vacation places in India. It includes a grand forested valley around the namesake lake Naini. What’s more, in the event that you are going with your closest companions this is the ideal spot for you.

29. Shimla

The extraordinary snow clad mountains, incredibly rich greenery and the great lakes in where there is Shimla welcome you to benefit as much as possible from their ever-enduring wonderfulness.

30. Mussorie

Mussoorie with its great, undulating, tree-made sure about slants, looking down on the Doon valley and with a marvelous point of view of the Mighty Himalayas is a place worth dying for!

31. Kasol

Words will miss the mark while you talk about the ceaseless excellence of this spot.

32. Thar Desert

On the off chance that you are arranging an outing to Rajasthan, at that point this is an unquestionable requirement visit for you. The Thar Desert in Jaisalmer is an exceptional spot which is completely baffle you.

33. Hampta Pass Trek

The Himalayas consistently specially make us wonder. So while you are getting ready for an extraordinary get-away to this astonishing area, you should not pass up a great opportunity this spot.

34. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh

This delightful spot looks to some extent like Switzerland’s geography. Khajjar is situated at the foot of Dhauladkar, in the lap of Himalayas and is 2000 meters above ocean level.

35. Roopkund Trek, Himalayas

Become one with nature and experience quietness with the Roopkund Trek in the depth of the Himalayas.

36. Mumbai

What about visiting the most intriguing city in India alongside your buddy? Plan an excursion to the city that never dozes, appreciates a varied blend of the most invigorating spots in Mumbai that will charm you with a lucky vibe.

37. Pune

Pune is a city with its own charm, mesmerizing greenery, forts and modernization. Everything you need is right here!

38. Jabalpur

Watch the gorgeous waterfalls in this delightfully beautiful town.

39. Mathura

Welcome to a beautiful place, where the Krishna was supposed to be born. With its beautiful festivals and overall beauty, it will make you wonder in joy!

40. Hyderabad

From the amazing film city that guarantees to give you an out of the world experience, to the delectable biriyani present which you can buy in family packs, Hyderabad is guaranteed to astound you! Its beautiful palaces and rich diversity will make everything pale in comparison.

41. Orissa

This is a place where you would find the true spirit of hard work and beauty. Starting from the city of temples to the natural beauty of its numerous reserves to its fine Dokra workmanship , it is guaranteed to intrigue you!

42. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram has some of the best beaches surrounded with grandiose temples of yore. These historical structures will make you wonder about the power of  ancient engineering.

43. Visakhapatnam

Mix pleasure with adventure as you visit one of the most naturally beautiful places in India, complete with pristine beaches and gorgeous jaw-dropping valleys! Don’t trust us? Check out any website related to this place and be amazed!

44. Ooty

Want a romantic hill station with coffee and tea fields and the charm of fog and suspense? This place will definitely amaze you with its beauty.

45. Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is a city in the slopes of the Dindigul area in the territory of Tamil Nadu, India. Its name in the Tamil language signifies “The Endowment of the Timberland”. Kodaikanal is alluded to as the “Princess of Hill stations” and has a long history as a retreat.

46. Pondicherry

Puducherry (Pondicherry) was a French settlement and it is acclaimed for mixed refreshments in modest value contrasted with different states. Aside from the beverage, places like Stone Sea shore, Aurobinda Aashram, White Town, Matrimandir andManakula Vinayagar Sanctuary.

47. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar, a slope station in the Sahyadri scope of Maharashtra, is one of the most well known visitor goals in India. Mahabaleshwar is the ideal goal to unwind and revive in relaxation. A portion of the celebrated vacation spots of Mahabaleshwar incorporate Panchgani, Tapola and Pratapgad Fortress.

48. Ziro

Ziro is a curious old town in Arunachal Pradesh, home to the Apa Tani clan and acclaimed for its pine slopes and rice fields. Ziro is an interesting old town in Arunachal Pradesh, home to the Apa Tani clan and well known for its pine slopes and rice fields.

49. Sonamarg

Sonmarg has old significance since it was a passage on the antiquated Silk Street that associates Kashmir with China. It gives as a base camp to Ladakh and is militarily significant for India. In the winter, Sonamarg turns into a valley canvassed in white gold in this manner satisfying its name.

50. Almora

Almora is renowned for its charming magnificence, all encompassing perspective on the Himalayas, rich social legacy, interesting crafted works, and flavorful cooking styles. It is popular for its sanctuaries like Chitai and Nanda Devi, brilliant frigid pinnacles of the Himalayas, curious bungalows, and the bounty widely varied vegetation.

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