Best places to visit in bhaderwah

by Amit kotwal
Best Places To Visit in Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah, an unexplored valley, rich in natural vegetation & scenic beauty , also holds a rich cultural epicenter. Under the foothills of Himalayas, it is situated in district Doda of the Union territory of Jammu & Kashmir. Its ancient name was Bhaderkashi, formed on the name of Goddess Bahderkaali

For its splendid beauty & enthralling greenery, some people calls it “Switzerland in India”.A variety of beautiful places to visit in Bhaderwah, makes it one of the most visited tourist site in Jammu & Kashmir. 

Bhaderwah has its own precious naaga culture which is well preserved by the locals from decades. Dhakku folk dance is one of the main attraction which is religious in inspiration and characteristically devotional in nature, performed during special occasions like local festival “Jatras” & during marriage functions on music from special music band called “Dhouns” in local language. “Dhouns” played by special musicians called “Bajantaries”.

Other then Dhakku, “Ghurai” are a kind of folk songs singed by a group of womens on special occasions like marriages, festivals etc. 

Bhaderwah also its native language ‘Bhaderwahi’ which was the language of about 50’000 people of Bhaderwah. 

Bhaderwahi Rajma (beans), Tomul(Rice), Karam(Spinach), Chaltoi, Kundi, Kasror etc are some local cuisines of Bhaderwah. 

Bhaderwah is an ideal place which includes camping and mountaineering. The people of Bhaderwah are very humble and provide good hospitality to the tourists. You would find various hotels, lodges etc here according to your needs. Many tourist attractions like Jai, Padri, Chinta Valley, Bhaderwah Fort, Chattergalla, Khellani Top, Soej Meadow, Tibba, Bhal Padri, Gupt ganga temple etc are waiting for you.

You are at the right place if you wants to visit Bhaderwah to spend a quality time with your friends and family. We are here to provide you the best facilities & a local guide in your service. 


Firstly you have to reach Jammu (various transportation modes are present)After that Bhaderwah can be easily accessed via road from Jammu and can be ready via below route:

  • Jammu to Udhampur – 65KM NH1A
  • Udhampur to Batote – 55KM NH1A
  • Batote to Pul Doda – 50KM NH1B
  • Pul Doda to Bhaderwah – 30KM

It will around take 6-7 hrs from Jammu as roads were nicely maintained.

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bhaderwah

1. Jai Valley

Jai Valley Bhaderwah

Jai Ghati is a pristine valley located at 2200 m above sea level. It’s a famous tourist destination located in Bhaderwah, Doda. It is located 32 Km North-East of Bhaderwah town. Being one of the most tourist visited site in Bhaderwah, Jai Valley have its own natural beauty as well as some artificial tourist attractions like Igloo huts, youth hostel etc. Every year about 50,000 tourists visits Jai Ghatti during summers. Jai Ghati is an ideal place for tourists which also includes camping and mountaineering. 

2. Padri Meadow

Padri Meadow Bhaderwah

Padri Meadow is located in Bhaderwah – Chamba National Highway which connects Bhaderwah with Himachal Pradesh. It is located 41Km North of Bhaderwah. Padri Meadow is a well known hub for adventure sports offers paragliding during summers & snow skiing during winters. The temperature of Padri remains low therefore visitors must carry woolens to enjoy the beauty of Padri even in summers.

3. Chatargalla Pass (Gulli Danda & Thanthera)

Chatargalla Pass, a beautiful meadow situated 33 Km away from Bhaderwah on Bhaderwah – Bani Road. This pass separates Bhaderwah of Doda district & Bani of Kathua district. During the journey from Bhaderwah to Chattargalla, two beautiful tourist spots came, one is Thanthera meadow, famous for herbal & medicinal plants and the second one is Gulli Danda which is famous for its lush greenery & beautiful weather.

4. Lake View Resort, Gatha

Best Places To Visit in Bhaderwah

An artificial tourist attraction with splendid view & facility of boating situated about 4Km away from Bhaderwah. A very wonderful and calm place at the bank of river, landscaping and water bodies are beautifully crafted. Guest rooms are nice and peaceful along with best food & hospitality. 

5. Soej Meadow

Soej Meadow Bhaderwah

Soej Meadow is considered one of the beautiful place in Jammu & Kashmir, also referred as “Crown of Bhaderwah”. Its distance is 10Km from Bhaderwah on foot, non availability of road makes the trekking more adventurous to the only official camping site of Bhaderwah. Snow covered Kailash (Kablas) Mountain is situation at its south flanked by a river emerging out. During Kailash yatra most of the people oftens to camp there during night. 

6. Bhaderwah Fort

Bhaderwah Fort Teligarh

Bhaderwah Fort is situated at a distance of about 3km from Bhaderwah. It was built by Maharaja Pahar Chand in 1733 & later it was converted into “house of prisoners” for freedom fighters in 1919.Later on it was converted into a heritage site , now turned out into one of the most popular tourist attraction in Bhaderwah. Inside this fort, an historic & sacred temple of goddess ” Bhaderkaali ” were present on which the name of the Bhaderwah (Bhaderkashi in old times) was found. Telligarh were also considered as a window or view point from where whole Bhaderwah is visible.

7. Gupt Ganga Temple

Gupt Ganga Temple Bhaderwah

A beautiful ancient temple of Lord Shiva is situated on the bank of river Neeru of Bhaderwah.As far as religion & historic point of view, it considers a great importance. A holy cave was present inside the temple(Gupt Ganga Cave) made by Pandavas during their agyaatvasa, other end (exit) of which is believed to open in Muttan (a place in Kashmir).

8. Chandi Mata Temple, Chinote


Chandi Mata Temple is one of the important pilgrimage site in Bhaderwah where devotees from different parts of India cames every year.The holy “Machail Yatra” to Paddar Machail starts from Chinote every year & it is believed to be that the yatra is uncompleted without the sight (darshan) of goddess Chandi Mata in Bhaderwah. 

9. Bhal Padri

Bhal Padri Bhaderwah

It lies at a distance of 4Km (on foot) from Padri meadow. Bhal Padri, a beautiful group of small valleys outside covered with dense forest. It joins the Bhaderwah with Bhallesa and considered to be one of the beautiful hill station present in the region.Various water streams flows through this valley & tribal people lives & graze their cattles during summers.

10. Nalthi Village

Nalthi Village Bhaderwah

It is situatied 5Km away from Bhaderwah. Walnut Garden & Himman Tourist Resort are the two main attractions of the village. Accommodations are reasonably priced & good hospitality in Himman Resort giving tourists a regal experience. Besides this,in rocks,an encraved Lord Hanumana temple was present there. 

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