8 Best Trekking Places in Kashmir

by Tabish Khan

Bored of lockdown? Why not do something exploratory and adventurous? This is the best time to explore snow-capped mountains, rugged landscapes and lush green forests of the Kashmir valley. Trekking to the unsung chained mountains and forests of the valley will allow  you to discover the length and breadth of the place in adventurous ways.

Kashmir a place where everything starts with beauty has a lot of untold stories to narrate which you can hear through the strings of its forests and mountains. These dense forests and tall mountains can make anyone walk along. Trekking to picture-perfect meadows of this world will leave you mesmerized and fascinated. So, what are you waiting for?

Experience this beautiful experience by trekking the land of mountains and lakes, as today I have complied list top trekking destinations in Kashmir for you.

Set your traveler, Pack your food, Scroll down and enjoy your roller coaster read:

1. Adventure to the frozen Alpather lake

Ok! So, let us start the list with the most remarkable trekking destinations of Kashmir. The frozen Alpather Lake. Way to this lake assures you a fascinating dreamy journey which you can never forget. Trekkers… A trek to Alphather Lake is just a thrilling journey. This lake remains frozen from November until mid-June, its matchless landscapes, lesser crowds and a similarity to the famous Lake Louise of Canada makes it the best destination for any trekker.


Resting at a height of 3943m above sea level, this beautiful and chilled lake is situated at situated 13km away from Gulmarg. One can also catch a glimpse of the majestic peak of Nanga Parbat from the serene Khilanmarg meadow, situated a few kilometers from Gulmarg.

A glimpse of your Trek:

You’ll be greeted by matchless scenes of the entire valley comprising snow-clad mountains and lush green meadows.

Best Time to go:

The best quality about this place is you can trek the lake throughout the year as it remains frozen from November till mid-June. So, if you want to enjoy the frozen lake with snowy backdrop pack your bags soon, don’t miss this opportunity as these mountains are calling you. You can simply complete a trek to this beautiful lake in one day.

2. Explore the Beauty of Narang Mahlish

Your trek to Narang Mahlish is filled with delightful trail throughout the year. Moving on from the valleys to the foothills of mountains, the Narang Mahlish trek is one of the best and stunning treks for this summer lockdown. Its scenic beauty will provide you with a novel view of lakes and meadows.


This iconic beauty is located at Naranag-Trunkhol-Gangabal-Naranag, with an altitude of 3800m/12467.192ft.

A glimpse of your Trek:

It will take you six days to reach your dreamy destination. During the trek, you will encounter dense pine forests, green meadows and never-ending mountains.

Best Time to go:

 Summers are the best time to amuse these greeny darlings of nature. Trekking to the twin snow-capped pools of Gangabal and Nundkol, which is situated in the lower regions of Mount Harmukh, guarantees you stunning perspectives on all grounds.

3. Tarsar Marsar Lake

If I would have to recommend the most thrilling trek place at Kashmir it will be Tarsar Marsar Lake. Velvety grasslands and captivating scenery of the Kolahi Mountains make trekking to Tarsar Marsar a pleasant and delightful experience. Trekking to Tarsar Marsar Lake is going to take your heart to the most wished imaginable world.


This “Switzerland of India” is situated 5 km from Sundarsar, with an altitude of 4114.8m/13,500 feet. Trek to Tarsar Marsar Lake will allow you to romance with the beauty of the valley like never before.

A glimpse of your Trek:

This seven-day trek will provide you an opportunity to explore the beauty of crystal lakes along with the lucid blue sky. Any trekker will get bamboozled with the magnificent beauty and peace of the lakes. Tarsar Marsar is a place blended with all beautiful aspects of nature. Trust me; if you are thinking to explore the novel place of Kashmir then you should count this place in.

Best time to visit:

You can plan your trek from July to mid-September; however, I would suggest the best time is July only. During this time snow of high never-ending mountain, chains start to melt giving you breathtaking scenery to live. Besides, wildflower bloom acts as a cherry on the cake. Don’t miss it as Tarsar Marsar is calling you.

4. Trek to Naranag Gangbal Lake

Harmukh, Gangabal Lake is more beautiful than pictures. Its magic scenery of picture-perfect majestic lake against the backdrop of the mighty mountain is all a trekker can ask for. Trekking to Gangabal Lake promises a delightful journey through the meadows of Naranag, which is fascinating for any nature lover.


This magic lake is situated at Naranag-Trunkhol-Butsheru-Gangabal-Naranag with an altitude of 3600m/11811.02ft.

Glimpses of Your Trek:

Five days Trek to Gangbal is going to give you lifetime beautiful travel experience. The trek will include beautiful gorges and ridges, pleasant weather, striking landscapes and much more. So, if you are a nature lover this place is for you as it one of the most enthralling treks in  Kashmir.

Best Time to visit:

One can trek anytime to this beautiful place of Kashmir but May to October is the best time to visit. Trek to Gangbal Lake is a truly heavenly scene where one side of the lake opens out to lush meadows while the other is overlooked by mountains covered by playful clouds.

5. Thrill with Vishansar Naranag Trek

Image Source by: Ajaz Ahmad

Trekking to Vishansar and Naranag via Nichnai Pass is full of thrill and surprises. This place is nestled in the powerful Himalayas, where you can search for your inner soul. Trek offers picture-perfect views of snow-clad mountains, colorful meadows and alpine forests along the trail.


This heart of nature is located at Srinagar at an altitude of 13713.91/4180 meters. Explore the captivating Vishansar Valley, also known as “valley of medicinal plants”, with all your heart.

A Glimpse of Your Trek:

The eight-day trek will be full of high altitudes, wildflowers, green landscape, snowy mountains, medicinal plants and beautiful Vishansar Naranag Lake.

Best time to visit:

The best time to visit this calm and magical place of Kashmir is June to September. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy this summer with the renowned beauty of Vishansar Naranag.

6. Kolahoi Glacier Trek

Our list goes on with the most thrilling destination which is Kolahoi Glacier. Journey to this legendry glacier is going to be a trek of a lifetime for you. This glacier has its charm, one gets different air to breathe. There is something magical with this gift of nature that one could hardly resist to feel it.


This hanging glacier is located at Aru Pahalgam of Kashmir valley, with the altitude of 5,425 m (17,799 ft).

Glimpses of your Trek:

The five-day trek to Kolahoi Glacier is a gateway to more than 25 stunning alpine lakes and innumerable high-altitude ponds. The route is full of greenest meadows, sprawling banks of Lidder River and wide-open Himalayan valleys. During your trip, you’ll be greeted by acres and acres of stunning coniferous forests that extend as far as the horizon goes. The end pint of the trek is, of course, the wonderful and breathtaking Kolahoi Glacier.

Best time to visit:

This place is always ready to catch the attention of the visitors throughout the year but to make your journey memorable you should visit between April-August.

7. Trek to Kashmiri Alpine Lakes

Exploring the high-altitude lakes nestled in the Himalayas is the Kashmir Alpine Lakes Trek. This journey is all about knowing the secrets of majestic lakes in the puzzling land including the Dal Lake in Srinagar.


To feel the beauty of this awesome place you have to travel to Sonamarg with an altitude of 4140 meters/13582.68.

A glimpse of your Trek:

Fifteen-day Trekking in Kashmir to these lakes is all about rejuvenating track into popular as well as unexplored lakes, namely Vishansar Lake, Krishnasar Lake, Yamsar Lake, Gadsar Lake, Satsar Lake, Nandkol and Gangabal Lake and many more. Trekking in Kashmir to these immaculate lakes is memorable, and it promises to be picture perfect for you.

Best time to visit:

To enjoy the pleasing beauty of Alpine lakes, July and August are the best time of the year. Pack your bags and let your soul explore the picturesque beauty of the valley.

8. Trek to Sheshnag Lake and Betaab valley in Pahalgam

Think of exploring thousand-year-old lake… Sounds exciting? Well, Sheshnag Lake is your endpoint. This lake is one of the most attractive trekking destinations for all lovers. From religious to spiritual this place holds many untold secrets.
The Sheshnag Lake lies in close vicinity to Pahalgam, at an altitude of 3590 m.
A glimpse of Your Trek:
Through this two day trek, a traveler will be delighted with deodar trees standing tall against the Himalayan Mountains and the Lidder River which is home to brown trout fish. The reflection of surrounding meadows on the crystal clear water of this lake will be treat to your eyes. According to Hindu mythology, the lake gets its name from Sheshnag—the lord of snakes. As per them, the lord himself dug this lake.
Best time to visit:
The valley attracts a lot of trekkers in March – November, but this place offers its best aura in the winter season as you will get the opportunity to ski on this frozen lake and curl up in the tiny mountain huts. So, these winters don’t miss to enjoy the full glory of Himalayas.

Things to take along:

To make your trekking hurdle free here is the checklist for you:

  • Trekking Shoes
  • Backpack
  • Walking pole
  • Head Torch
  • Water Thermos
  • Energy bars
  • First Aid
  • Nutritious ready to eat food

If you are trekking the first time please scroll down and read the following tips:

  • Don’t drink water in an erratic pattern
  • Never rest too much as your body will cool down
  • Don’t carry any unnecessary weight along
  • Always keep your body hydrated
  • Fill your backpack with munching items
  • Carry sunscreen and a lip balm with you
  • Try to hire some professional trekker

This was all about thrilling and adventurous trekking journey. I know after reading this you are already energized to rock and roll your destination. It is time to Pack your backpack and explore the Kashmir.

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