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by Travexcell Staff
Jai Valley Bhaderwah, Jammu, India

Bhaderwah – located in the lap of the Himalayas in the Doda district of union territory Jammu and Kashmir. Bhaderwah is also called ‘Naagon ki Bhoomi meaning the land of Nagas‘ Bhaderwah is 80 km away from Batote while about 200 km away from the Jammu city. Bhaderwah town is simply gorgeous with quite a few praiseworthy meadows, unexplored valleys, glittering water-bodies, rocky terrains and a rich variety of flora and fauna. Bhaderwah valley is famous in its own culture. The natives are mostly the followers of the Old Naga Tradition. People celebrate many popular festivals, the festival of the local importance very often present an enthralling spectacle of local culture. The Mela Patt and Kailash Yatra are two of the most important festivals of the Bhaderwah valley.

The cultural similarities with Kashmir, Bhaderwah is popularly called as “lokut kasheer” in kashmiri translated as”Mini Kashmir.

What is the best time to visit Bhaderwah?

The best time to vist Bhadewah between “April to July” The climate of Bhaderwah is cold and pleasant throughout the year, the temperatures rise a bit during summer in valley. The town is completely covered with snow by the end of December, if you are snow lovers then “December, January” is best time to visit valley.

Some of the best & major tourist attractions to visit Bhaderwah

Bhaderwah is home of small valley’s that are perfect for vacations and adventure activities. Bhaderwah tourism welcomes its visitors to witness its beautiful sights like Jai Valley, Padri, Chinta valley, Sarthal Valley etc. In this article you will read about 10 scenic destinations in Bhaderwah valley.

10 Best Places To Visit In Bhaderwah

#1. Jai Valley

Jai Valley - The famous tourist attraction in Bhaderwah valley.

#2. Padri

Padri Bhaderwah

#3. Chinta valley

#4. Sarthal Valley-Chatargalla Pass

#5. Chandi Mata Mandir Chinote

Chandi Mata Temple, Bhaderwah

#6. Seoj Meadow

#7. Gatha Tourist Resort

#8. Bhal Padri

#9. Nalthi

#10. Kailash Kund

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