Honeymoon in Kerala, Couples Looking To jollify Their Love Life In 2020

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Couples know the importance of honeymoon trips. Marriage is all about a great beginning to life and every married couple dreams of the perfect honeymoon to create unforgettable memories. You have been dreaming every moment of life you will spending with your life partner during these days. An elephant ride with your partner. Kerala honeymoon trip is not restricted to long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, luxurious accommodations, flower decorated room at houseboat, a wedding cake, and dine with your partner in the dim lights of candle and these dreams never have an end until you feel and enjoy it. Kerala called the Gods own country to spend your most valuable days in life. The best romantic days you can ever think of. A plethora of encounters making your honeymoon a lifetime memory. The following are the reasons that make Kerala one of the best honeymoon destinations in India.

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Apart from this Kerala brings to mind a picturesque location with warm sunny coastal beaches, palm trees on sandy stretch and tranquil backwaters. In nutshell, Kerala is a place which is an ideal choice for honeymoon couples. In case you are more of a hill station lover or prefer gushing waterfalls, then Kerala honeymoon trip will make you happy. The beaches like Kovalam and Kanyakumari make your tour and overnight stay in a houseboat and enjoying the clean beaches of Alleppey.

Kerala has an ancient tradition of Ayurveda practices, giving moments to relax and revive the serene ambiance. One can visit to any Ayurveda center or can avail of this facility at their luxuriating stays of Kerala. the couples who eat together, stay together? Let your partner know about your taste buds and sharing scrumptious delicacies while having a well-nourished meal of famous south Indian cuisine.

Kerala Culture

The culture of Kerala has developed over the past millennia, influences from other parts of India and abroad.  that has an amalgamation of Aryans and Dravidians. The exclusive art forms of this magnificent place are appreciated throughout the world for its uniquw and placements of aesthetics.

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Kerala Culture

Best Time To Visit Kerala For Honeymoon

The best time to visit Kerala for honeymoon can be classified into three categories, that is, summer, monsoon and winter also couple can select their preferred date and time depending on their interests. Peak Season starts in the month of October till the March. The climate during this season is absolutely charming with pleasant sunny skies and a hint of humidity, making it an ideal weather to spend your honeymoon trip in kerala.The climate is soothing and pleasant, giving a perfect chance to cherish the pristine cool mornings and comfortable nights. One might find the popular spots crowded along with a huge hike in the rates of hotels and local transport. However, if the budget is not a problem for you then you can surely visit Kerala for honeymoon trip in winters.

Best Destinations

Munnar: Kashmir Of South India

Munnar was the famous summer resort during the British days. Couple can experience the unending swathe of tea plantations, immaculate valleys & mountains with colorful species of flora.

Hill Stations

Hill stations are the perfect destination spots for honeymooners in Kerala. They are rich in scenic beauty with their lush valleys, quaint environment and gorgeous hill tops. The weather is also ideal for those looking to get away from the heat. So, here is a list of hill stations that you can choose from:


Now if you really have your heart set on choosing a hill station for honeymoon in Kerala then Vagamon is the perfect sight. 1200meters above sea level, this idyllic location is an ideal place to spend some of your valuable and private time away from the hustle bustle of the daily life.

Peermedu is a beautiful hill station in Kerala is filled with green clad hills, pictorious views and sprawling forests. In case you and your partner are looking to enjoy outdoor sports like trekking, hiking and exploring, then this is the perfect place for you to spend time. There is a good chance you might get to witness the lifestyle of the tribal’s in Kerala.


Unlike other places, the beaches of Kerala are are still hold the same rustic appeal. What could be the best honeymoon destination in Kerala than the amazing warm sandy beaches? Here are few beach destinations in Kerala:


This famous place has two beaches that are a hot favorite with the tourists; they are Alleppy beach and Marari beach. Marari, a sea-side village is among the beautiful honeymoon beaches in Kerala. This beach is most famous not only for its amazing view of a clear blue sea and shimmering sand but also the peace and quiet it offers. You can enjoy a charming day with your half better without any disturbance. Alleppy beach on the other hand is more near to Alleppy town and is always lively with folks and festivals.


This beach town is a dream destination for newlyweds. They can take long walks on its sun kissed beaches and gorge on scrumptious lunch while enjoying the low tides. Three of its popular beaches are Hawah Beach, Lighthouse beach, and Samudra beach which together form the crescent of Kovalam beach. The Kovalam town with its beautiful beaches is a best honeymoon destination in Kerala.


This coastal town ” Varkala ” is a mixture of quaint and lively. There are various beaches in this sea coastal town namely Papanasham beach, Kappil beach, Thiruvambady beach and Chilakoor beach. The crowd at few of the less explored beaches is scanty which gives a lot of privacy and the handful of shacks around serve amazing sea food. The rocky cliffs that surround the sandy Papanasham beach add to its scenic appeal.


Kerala is famous for its backwaters that attract tourists from all over the world. Houseboats that are pretty much synonymous with Kerala can also be enjoyed in these backwaters. One could not imagine a perfect place for honeymoon in Kerala than these peaceful and beautiful backwaters. Destinations in Kerala where you can enjoy backwaters are:


The city is an intricate channel of lagoons and canals and is famous for its backwaters, houseboats, fishing and coir industry. This mesmerizing place with its serene backwater is a great spot to have a comfortable and romantic honeymoon. The beach also has a lighthouse and entertainment activities in case you enjoy them.


This old sea port has a long coastline and many sources of water bodies which makes it a diverse land and adds to its allure. The serene backwaters, lagoons and beaches make for an ideal setting for couples. What more could one imagine while planning a honeymoon in Kerala, than a luxurious and romantic ride on the houseboats watching the sunset on the horizon. You can enjoy a great meal at one of the local restaurants which serve delicious seafood all the while enjoying the great scenic view.

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