Is It Safe to Travel Again? Travel Advice & Tips for safe traveling During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

by Umar Bashir

Where as whole Planet is sniveling in the contagious pandemic lockdown only to meagre the CoVID contacts and deficient it’s vitiate spread but on the other face everyone feel unfortunate that this lockdown has been elastic to many months and the populace of the world are facing tight vigorous times in all the terms like economic , socialic and more importantly about the dejection states , which not only creating despondency but also creating distress and dumps. To quanch these foregoing rigid tough times ,many countries of the world are sorting to inelastic or loose the grip over this lockdown and May have reopened the essential as well as non essential travelers by jotting the ban over lockdown and opened ways and advocacy of markets. The Health authorities are the Respective nations have cognizanced , its slow nature primevally and less fatalities against than other  contagious diseases , but still most Nations have clasped Borders for accordingly in less rate of prone patients , Aborted events and self – quarantined processes on large scale , industrial as well as others works have to be nosedive , in short These efforts are only to  protect lives and meagre it’s infection with that hardly catestrophe of the economy of the country up to greater loss.

The foregoing description thematically renounces that if we will go out in these contagious conditions , it is risk to more infection and will halt our lives upto to great with deep extent . As we all are very savvy About the nature of the virus now perticularly about CoVID , as we all know nature of  residence of viruses on  non – living and living states on the particular ambiences , which really determine its Living and non – living behavior. The pains and deep Griefs which CoVID has given to humanity are still living and are blooding in all aspects of the world , more grieve in the developed nations because they are getting there habitual sorts in very ease and comfort ways…. During this whole disaster going our even in any necessary egence  is totally the sanity of the getting infected with this pandemic as Every place of the world is either Highly contagious or feeble but is carrier of this CoVID , but the entity or guy or person going out for anything will not be savvy of infected entities , anything can be carrier but his negligence about non awareness of infected identities will trap or will inundate into ocean of the CoVID and will very enough pains or even fatalities. It all means we have to be in well genius mind and fedile about to go outside without any necessary errand.

Going Outside : Along with preciousnary measure

While pandemic has clasped us (whole Humanity )within our own avenues and had limited our outing to large extent but we all have savvy That without going outside for our necessary egences and needs , it may possible to blunt life with scarce of needs more than the CoVID lockdown and will curb our Obligations and whole populace will be corrupted upto confine circle which will create depressions and pains. We as humanity should go outside for necessary needs and essential Committals but with proper Alignment of safety precautions and measures , which will credit us in two ways ist to protect us from the infectious agents and 2nd we will count our needs in well organized manner and will feel better for life and goings also will meagre the pains and hardships which may have caused if great certainty of lockdown.

After WHO revealed about this disease is Sunder as pendamic the Respective nations of the world were on the queue to barkage the Carriers of this Viral  either through Lockdown to impose control over this concern disease , with this bolting over the Canter dart  it didn’t let populace of the world away from hitches and ordeals as these committal ought to come because plebeians of the planet have been get solvent merchantile loads through this rumpus scraps . Else from all problems a biggest challenge it created is just to ordering or getting food peculiarly those nations stake more callous concerns about this which are well developed and prosper nations. To connect the populace with the Food section they are to either go out for this or to frotify ourselves but unfortunately they don’t have cultured to Furnish this process , with let them on the stake to out for the food.

As the number of Prone patients is gearing day after day , Moment after Moment so that ambience of the Respective community is accordingly turning into more Vulnerable for the viral load so anyone who will got out and Wana eat ,may be the chances are very high of getting infection because the coherence parts to which virus attach more are too handed in the process of food frotifying so it’s not less a venture to take the food outside place. More apparently Virus gonna dead by high heat and calefaction that’s such kind of heat are giving to food ingredients upon preparation of food but unfortunately many of the nation don’t prepare alikely to prepare food which make another chance of contamination of the virus which will Decombent them in this Disease.In this whole process of Contriving food many people are whose belongings are from different places conjoin to fortify food but there Degree of different places makes it more vulnerable for the Infection as already the Health department has denoted Places into Red ,Oranges zones which lets it on great stance . More Semblant about contagious infection will be , as in the outside place where Maximum percentage of people will gear the same foregoing description for souping food that means the place where they will get the food will become congested which intern reveals that in high croud places more chances are for the infectious cause which will Vitiate more then after.

Travel advises

While COVID-19 has Severely grieved the Populace of the world and had left all in clear distress and limited our Travel protocols , to make this process ( travelling ) Extensively lively we have to follow below mentioned measures.

1. Take All necessities , which will cover your Recommended hygiene of protecting body from the contagious virus like , wear face mask , Tight Hand gloves , carry alcohol sanitizers etc etc.

2. Take some stick or Wooden needle like structures along with yourself , with those you will protude them during the process of ATM machine for examption of money , as no one knows who had touched that very apperture of the machine , may be infected anyone so for safety , we should take them along ourselves.

3. Maintain the safe distance about 2-3 meters from everyone , so that virus light weight could remain in sir upto these distance .

4. Avoid to touch things or people , this may result any infected man may also have touched the same part of the Respective body , with your touching you may also involve in this contagious disease.

5. Avoid the congested or crowded areas , don’t step towards those places in which are highly vulnerable to this virus or Already decleared as Red zones.

6. Test yourself for the disease to ensure yourself That you may not be carrier to this contagious disease and let your caveliers safe and away from this contagious.

7. Don’t Conceal your travel history , as in these crises Travel history is your best Comrade With this you may find well results for your family as well . Also show Records of your health from past two weeks so that you may go through smooth checks.

8. Follow the instructions and steps , don’t show volioation to the Rules and safety measurs , after these all measures you can qualify the potential of the CoVID and You become responsible for you and your Kiths too.

Safety Advices

While CDC and WHO has Lessoned that CoVID is communicable disease , mostly transferred from person to person , means that it may spread from person to person upon close contact , in this regard we have to follow below measures strictly and manneredly.

1.  The swab present in the respiratory system of any infected person is  more energetic in infection than other parts , upon sneezing the droplets whip out from the same system may spread this disease , to remain safe we have to Either screen mask over nose and mouth or Sheild our hands with some gloves so that it will limit it’s spread to month and other inlet appertures. For this we will limit it’s further infection.

2. From the Reports of WHO and CDC , upon outing we are short to know which thing is infected or which is free of that very . For the safety measure , we should restrict our hands upon going or backforth from the outing towards mouth , nose and eye because the virus goes into the body through these vibes only , otherwise we feel patient of CoVID.

3. While going out from our own house or coming , in both the cases we have to use sanitizer , as it disinfects and sterilises our parts of the body , which are more vulnerable to the suspect infections.

4. Upon going out , we shouldn’t conjoin in the congestion and crowded areas because these avenues are more vulnerable to the infectious and contamination.

5. While coming from the outing , we should leave those clothes and have definitely a bath , so that our whole body becomes neat coherences from outside , those infected particles as well.

6. Clean and neat the parts like hands , frequently with either after 20s or after every minute Rhythmically , so that it will meagre the threat.

7. Clean and disinfect the things , which we have taken from outside , as the virus could have adhered on these surfaces as well , to neat n clean them we have to sterilize them before use.

8. Burry the disposal gloves and masks , avoid of the further infection Within community , with that we will protect our community from vulnerable diseases.

9. Upon going outing make sure public of the Respective avenue Are following respiratory hygiene strictly and Conveniently like covering exposed parts perticularly month , hands and nose.

10. Always keep yourself updated About the lessons Confered from trusted authorities WHO or any other authentic health department and Show proper response towards them.

11. Don’t worry about the situation , which may ambience us within any harsh situation , Take 100% safety measures and prefer weightage to Proper doctorine guidelines then Have faith , By God’s all will be good.

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