Lamayuru, the moonland of Ladakh

by Travexcell Staff

Lamayuru is small village in Leh-Ladakh, but very popular place to take a break from the journey from Kargil to Leh. Lamayuru is one of the oldest monasteries in Ladakh, People believe that there was once a lake that dried up. Lamayuru village is popular for its ‘lunar’ landscape and monastery. Interestingly, this quaint small village is promoted as ‘moonscape’ for travelers; reason being its incredible yet odd geographical formations.

Lamayuru is around 100 km from Leh, right after Fotu la, the highest pass on the Srinagar Leh highway. The roads on Fotu la mountain pass are in an excellent condition and it is a pleasure to drive through this pass. This tinny & small village has more to offer than it meets your eyes.

Here are the top 4 tourist attractions to visit in Lamayuru

1. Moonland


The beautiful views of Moonland will leave you breathless, to say the least. Unlike anything you have not seen before, the journey to this alluring place is definitely worth the effort. Strange but beautiful landscape next to monastery. Few people say the soil here is very similar to the soil that on the moon. Legends say a Buddhist lama, Yuru was looking for a spot to set up his monastery. As he set foot on this spot, then his decision was made. Moonland as it is known now was then completely submerged in water with a few craggy rocks on cliff of the surface. Using his natural spiritual power, Lama Yuru ordered the waters to recede in order to have place for his monastery. And, quite certainly the waters did recede and leaving this unreal piece of land for a beautiful monastery.

2. Lamayuru Monastery


Lamayuru monastery is one of the fascinating destination to visit in Ladakh. The oldest gompa is also one of the largest monasteries in Ladakh. it was founded in the 11th century by Mahasiddacarya Naropa. Lamayuru has the appearance of a cave monastery with moonlike landscape. Lamayuru consisting of 5 buildings, the structure these buildingd is ruins today. Lamayuru visit can easily be covered in a day return trip from Leh. Around 150 permanent monks living in that place. It has, in the past, housed up to 400 monks, many of which are now based in Gompas in near villages.

3. Uleytokpo


Ulleytokpo is well known as the western base camp for travellers who are visiting to Ladakh, Ulleytokpo is the paradise you are looking for before you reach Ladakh. It is an blissful place for spending the vacations in a peace-loving and serene area. Keeping Uleytokpo as base for travelers, most visitors book their accommodations in the hotels here. But Ulleytokpo is such place that you cannot take your heart away from here. blessed with scenic beauty and landscapes that look like an artistst dream, most come to enjoy a week off for the busy life, and it ends up being perfect for exactly that.

4. Wanla gompa

Wanla Gompa is a historic Buddhist monastery on the narrow hilltop that crowns Wanla village in uninion territroy Ladakh, India.

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