Places to Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is crown state of India, Kashmir is one of the most recommended holiday destinations that one can look for.

10 Places to Visit In Kashmir

by Tabish Khan

Kashmir is a magical place, where your inner soul gets connected to the beautiful fantasy world. This heaven on earth is full of lush pastures, tall mountains, dancing rivers and a lucid air. From a solo trip to family vacations, Kashmir is a must to visit place. This valley of mountains has a little of everything to offer to its visitors.

A solo walk through lush green meadows of Kashmir will help you to find your real persona. The crown state of India, Kashmir is one of the most recommended holiday destinations that one can look for.

There are various untouched heavenly places to visit in Kashmir that are hidden in the quietude of the valley, waiting to hear your footsteps.

To calm your wanderlust we have compiled the list of 10 best places to visit in Kashmir. Scroll down, read it and let us makes your holiday the everlasting one

1. Explore the unique Verinag

Let us start the list with one of the most ambient places of the Kashmir-Verinag. It is the main sources of River Jhelum and is located in district Anantnag. The place is full of chinar (maple) trees and gushing blue water. Verinag is blessed with unmatchable Mughal Garden which is the best place to shed of your stress and all worries. To visit this place you can simply book a cab from Srinagar and for your ease you can have a night stay in the best hotels of verinag. So, this time if you are visiting the Kashmir don’t forget to explore this lesser know ancient place.

2. Capture the beauty of Chatpal

So, have you heard about this place before? Well, ya this place belong to Kashmir only.

If you are looking for something quiet and calm, Chatpal is the place for you. Surrounded by tall lush green mountains, the clear blue skies and bright sunshine, this place is blessed with everything that will refresh your mood. The untouched natural beauty, fused with the melodious sound of an ever-flowing stream, chirping of happy birds and the rustling leaves of beautiful pine trees makes it a destined place to be explored. This mesmerizing place is located in the Anantnag district of Kashmir. You can easily visit this place through Anantnag-Chitergul road. So, this time try to explore this hidden gem of Kashmir.

3. Live a day at Daksum

Located at an altitude of about 8,000 feet, Daksum is a picturesque hamlet present in the middle of Bhringi River Valley. This offbeat place is surrounded by a lush coniferous forest and a flowing stream. The scene of small wooden huts lined up on banks of the river, add charm to this place. Daksum can make you talk the nature. You can visit anytime to this gorgeous place but April to September is the best time for holiday. 

4. Time to see Yusmarg

Yusmarg, the ‘Jesus Meadow’, should be counted in the list. This place has a story to narrate, according to the common folktale Jesus once stopped in Yusmarg along with his followers while he was travelling the world. A place full of green meadows with pines in the background will lead you to the frozen lake, which is worth to travel miles. You can reach this beautiful destination simply by booking a cab via Srinagar. From yusmarg you can explore different places like Nilnag Lake, Sang e Safed, Tatta kutti mountain range and Tosa Maidan. 

5. Travel to dramatic Bangus Valley

Bangus valley is all about green… Large green meadows surrounded by alpine and deodar forests can be your dream place. During summer, the whole Bangus valley turns into a beautiful colorful flowery carpet. To visit this place you need to go for permission from army officials but trust me it is all worth. It is such a romantic destination; you can have an aromatic talk with the special person of your life under the blanket of stars. Don’t forget to take your tent along as you cannot find any hotel there but all you can enjoy is sweet and cold water of Dodkol and hot water of Bangus spring.

6. Green Meadows of Doodhpathri

Doodhpathri is a place that changes its color according to the season i.e., snowy white in winters and bowl of green in summers. This treat to eyes is close to Srinagar and is blessed with a stream with milky white water (that is why named as doodhpathri). To reach this dreamy place you can simply book a cab fro Srinagar. If you wish to stay there you can book igloo type wooden huts, trust me it going to be fun.

7. Home of fishery – Kokernag

Kokernagh is the hidden gem of Kashmir located in district Anantnag. This place is home to the biggest trout fishery of Asia. Kokernag forms wide flow of hen shaped of springs and that is why this name it gives to the place. If you are a non- vegetarian and a fan of fresh trout and mountain air than this place is for you. At kokernag you can explore the waterfall, Botanical garden and beauty of Achabal. 

8. Lolab Valley, Kashmir

Think about district Kupwara, what comes in your mind? Strike, fear, turmoil? Well, it is beyond that … Lolab valley is the most beautiful destination that one can wish for. Most of the people are not aware of it due to the lack of information. Kashmir Tourism, however, assists you readily if you want to visit Lolab Valley. This place is approximately 170 km from Srinagar; it takes 5 hours to reach Chandigam. I’m sure you will get surprised by seeing the fascinating beauty of the Lolab Valley.

9. Rice bowl of Kashmir – Pulwama

Kashmir is beyond Pahalgam and Gulmarg. Pulwama is a place in Kashmir where one can witness natural beauty to a greater extent. Located at a distance of 40 kms from Srinagar, this place holds a unique attraction for tourists. This saffron city offers beautiful weather, pleasant odor saffron fields and great hospitality. One cannot have enough of the saffron fields and the rich culture in Pulwama. To see different colors of Kashmir you can visit anytime but April to October is the best time to visit Pulwama.

10. Anantnag – Home to Temples

Let us close the list with the land of ancient monuments- Anantnag. A divine place full of flourishing gardens and freshwater springs, Anantnag has much to offer you. Right here, you get to enjoy the comfort of a city and the essence of nature. Besides, if you are fond of monuments and architecture this is a place worth capture. On this land of temples, you can find a connection with the magical pre-world. This place is all about calm and peace. Surely, our list of 10 places to visit in Kashmir would be incomplete without mentioning this one! 

So, how was the read? We tried to compile most beautiful and offbeat gems of Kashmir for you, as Kashmir is more than Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Mughal Gardens. This time if you are planning to visit heaven on earth, try to unbox these beautiful destinations. If you have a certain query regarding your visit, feel free to write us in the comment section below.

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